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things I never use ever!

asdfghjkl; I haven't been on here in ages.

So! I got a tumblr. it's at whiteclouddrifting.tumblr.com. Pretty cool right? No? That's okay. I'm writing a fanfic to be posted there as we speak! =D


'S about time I update this thing. I'm gonna start being more active on here from now on (even though atm I only have...what, two friends? And Casey doesn't even use hers any more.)

One more day of school left. Then Wicked on Saturday, then waking up at 6:00 to fly to Melbourne on Sunday. I'm looking forward to that, actually, since I'll be seeing my adorable little cousin. <3 But I'll be gone for a whole week, too.

Also I found the best lolly shop ever today in the QVB. It sells Hershey's Kisses (or however you spell it), though they cost almost $50 since they came in a 1kg bag. And it had giant lollipops. I'm taking my gf there sometime after I get back from Melbourne.

Also, I realised that I have everything I need for a Canada cosplay (except for a wig but my hair's roughly the right length and colour anyway.)


*hums* vacation's where i wanna be, party on the beach where the fun is free~

Okay, it's been forever since I was last here, but I figured I might as well do some more stuff. So, I've been out hunting for awesome things, and look! A shiny new mood theme! Isn't it pretty? =D I'm also gonna go snatch some icons from various people, because I can. So...yeah. =DDDDD

Um, in other news~ Even here, in Tasmania, it's getting pretty hot - and lucky me, I get to sleep in the hottest room in the house. D= But I hijacked the fan from my mum's room, so it's okay. Oh, and my adorable three-year-old cousin came down to stay with us. Seriously, he is so. damn. cute. =D Also, I'll be up all night watching the inaugaration, so don't expect me to say anythign vaguely coherent tomorrow. I'm not sleeping. At all.

And now, a trip to the Character Closet. Though it's more like a Character Dressing Room, ne, Psychic-types?

Venia: *holding Doka down* Right, you two out!

Mark: Got it! *leaves*

Reiji: *teleports*


Venia: Shut up and put on the dress, Doka.

Doka: {You can't make me!}

Acha: I dunno what you're saying, sis, but nevertheless, you will wear the dress and you will like it. D<

Misu: I made you a crown and everything, sis~ And that strange Banette Pokemorph sewed everyone some costumes~

Let's give the girl some privacy~ What's happening in the ghosties' corner?

Urami: Zetsu and the witch~ sitting in a tree~

Makako: K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Zetsu: Wait, Urami, what are you even doing here? That doesn't make any sense.

Urami: Oh. Right. *poof*

Makako: Gemma, how does the next bit of the song go?

Zetsu: Um...I dunno. 

Back with the psychics...

Reiji: *wearing a Koopa shell on his back* You ready, guys?

Mark: *wearing a Mario hat* Ready!

Joseph: *wearing a Luigi hat* Ready!

Doka: *wearing a Peach dress and crown* {IHATEYOUALL DDD<}

Reiji: I'll take that as a 'yes'. Let's go!

Mark: Hey, Reiji, will you ever stop being so stubborn~?

In even less related news, I have 'Diary of Jane' stuck in my head. Which is okay because it is an awesome song, but it's really annoying when you get it stuck in your head for days at a time and you just randomly find yourself humming 'and I try to find my place, in the diary of Jane'.

In other news: TAGS. I has them. I just spent like ten minutes coming up with a bunch of tags.

If I click this button...

Yay, another post! I think I'm getting the hang of this 'ell-jay' thing. And this time my layout isn't bright pink - I can actually read it. Though, I kinda miss the Dahlia header. Dahlia's the most awesome villain ever.

I'm really glad I'm not in Sydney at the moment...It's thirty-three degrees celsius over there. /Thirty-three degrees./ That's unbearably hot. And it's not even summer yet! I'm not looking forward to New Years (aka the hottest day of the year). It's kinda chilly here in Tasmania, but it's not freezing. Not yet, anyway. *sigh* It looks like's it's going to rain, though. And we have to go out and do stuff today. Something about 'fuschias'. My mum picks the worst days to suddenly decide to grow a garden - and yes, it has happened before. Many times, in fact.

Okay, so the original point of me having one of these was to be able to join communities that I've been lurking at. That, I have done successfully, even if I never post anything. Now I need to do something else...Like get some of my characters to move over here. My characters don't like moving very much - they're a generally lazy bunch - but I think I can convince them.

...Uh, on the other hand, I don't think I'll interfere.

Jess: Go away stupid crazy person D<

Flo: Buuut~ Debbie and I want to play with you (nb Debbie is Flo's reflection)


Venia: *sulks in corner*

Doka: ((Venia and Psy~, sitting in a tree~))

Venia: *throws coffee cup at Doka*

Adelie: You owe me a coffee. >.< *dives, splashing everyone in the process*

Reiji: Engarde, evildoer! *draws katana*

Venia: Nobody likes you.

Doka: ((That was mean.))

Venia: ((It's true, though.))

Phoebe: I'm not even /in/ this fandom. *sulks*

...Pretty much all of my characters are clinically insane. Even the sane looking ones. >.<

Hmm. Let's see here...

...so if I click this link...Aha, here we go. A post; my first one, in fact, unless you count the anonymous stuff over on the PW meme. Now, to write some stuff.
Why am I writing this? I can't think of anyone who would even be reading this. Oh, well.
This layout is terrible. I really must figure out how to do this right. Until then, I'll just keep typing. Even though no-one's reading. Which makes it kind of pointless...Why am I doing this again?

This right here is a totally pointless post. I'm going to leave now, before it gets out of hand. Maybe I can think of something to write tomorrow.

...! I can't read this! Back to the drawing board with this stupid layout...I don't even like pink.